Head Smash!

Sometimes life can get like this:



I know for me it has recently with my job search. Its weird, usually I start looking for a job  and my phone won’t not stop ringing it becomes irritating after a while. On average I have applied for 20 jobs a day for the past few weeks and strangely I haven’t got one phone call back?! I don’t think its my CV because its up to date and as I said before it worked wonders for me previously and my cover letter seems fine for the roles I’m applying for. I think that everyone gets stuck sometimes the only difference is the way successful people handle it and the choices they make to get out of it.

People say Aaron forget those Marketing roles its a tough industry that doesn’t even pay that well go into sales or recruitment its easy to get into and you can make some serious bucks. You know what I have been tempted but on the other hand I feel committed to achieve what I want to achieve and go where I want to go. I’m sure they told Obama he would never be president and I’m pretty sure he’s the guy in the White house at the moment.

My feeling of stuck-ness got me thinking….. Does money bring happiness? And you know what I’ve never really been a money orientated person but being in this situation has shown me the impact it can have. Money=Choices=Freedom its that simple.

What do you lot think? Can Money Bring You Happiness?