Organization Is Control

I sincerely apologize people! I usually try to at least do one blog post a week but I admit I have fallen off. In all honesty I didn’t think it would affect me as much as it has, me not having my weekly vent has left me feeling silenced almost, so once I again I apologize to you and myself.

I think that the main reason for my inability to remain consistent has been me “Not having any time” AKA being really unorganized. At the very least my unorganized last few weeks has highlighted to me that I need to be which brings me on to the topic of this post.

Being organised is paramount! All successful people are organised. I am not only referring to people with money but that person who is a social butterfly, good at their job, that beast in the gym all of them are organised and prioritize their time successfully based on their vision of success.

Timetable your time: This encompasses all areas of your life whether you work a 9-5 or unemployed looking for work. Schedule time in for the gym, to see your mates to watch the football match on a Saturday but just make sure you have an overview of the time available to you and where you have spent it.

To do lists: Always have a daily to do list based on your timetable and make sure tasks are prioritized, for me I always deal with the hardest task first.

Use the calendar on your phone: We are always on the go! make sure your timetable and to do list is synced to your phone so you constantly adhere to what you need to be doing.

Being organised is being in control, don’t let your day run you, run your day!




5 thoughts on “Organization Is Control

  1. Dehan Taylor

    Yes, i agree. Furthermore it’s quite easy to loose focus so we definitely have to put something in place to help us keep organized. For me, I have a to do list, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t but I’m trying.

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