You Have To Break A Few Eggs To Make An Omelette!

I have always been a peace keeper… It’s just so much easier! Everyone likes you! Life is good……… But do you actually get what you want? Chances are you don’t, I have always found myself sacrificing my opinion, sitting on the fence, always thinking about other peoples feelings which isn’t always a bad thing.

Funny thing is when I was younger I was always the loudmouth, making people either laugh or cry but I think over time I learnt to conceal this side of me which in all honesty I kinda miss.

I remember in my psychology for managers module at University we studied a theory on the team building process:

The Forming



and performing stages

(Created by Tuckman its worth a look!)

The storming stage is where the conflict happens andΒ I don’t know about you but that seems extremely early in the process. In reflection, people need to know where they stand extremely early on whether it be your partner, friends or work colleagues. If people know where they stand with you it gives them an indicator on how much energy they should invest in you and visa versa.

We have all been there as guys you meet a really nice girl you go on a couple dates and then things get distant.I always get super pissed off when that happens i’m sure all you guys out there do too! I’d much prefer a girl to say yeah we can go on a date and see what happens but if not I doubt you’ll see me again. I would respect that SOOO much! Β Or a simple I’m not interested.

HOWEVER…. I think I have had a part to play in this too and I’m sure many of you lot have as well very much unconsciously though. In our attempt to impress we forget about are own expectations and don’t make them clear.Β There comes a time when enough is enough. The only way change will come is by truly and I mean truly speaking your mind whether it’s bad or good. In this clarity I strongly believe your life will flourish so whether it be a friend that always bails tell them your not going to put up with it; or your lazy ass brother who always leaves the place in a mess tell him to SORT IT OUT!

Remember! This blog is all about positivity but as the title says!



12 thoughts on “You Have To Break A Few Eggs To Make An Omelette!

  1. writeshefali

    Nice post…learned something new “Storming”. If you want anything you need to speak your mind out be it relations or work environment. They say the kindest people are mistreated the most. Yes be true πŸ™‚

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  2. neffy93

    Great post. I’m a management graduate so Rickman’s group theory is familiar but I never applied it to relationships with people outside of the workplace before let alone romantic relationships so this was a refreshing and accurate application of that process.

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  3. Yvonne I. Wilson

    Hi Aaron

    Nicely done post. Thanks for the reminders of the four stages in the team building process. Wished more organizations would get back to these basic tools that when utilized have proven to be very effective and the results astounding.

    Cheers! πŸ™‚

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  4. tieyiklunmliu

    Hi Aaron,

    I absolutely agree with you. I think we should always take into account how we feel inside- Not just our reasoning, but also all the things that make up our heart: Our experiences, principles, innate conditioning.

    As you put it, people need to be able to see the real you. I truly believe that being true to yourself will attract people that are meant to stay in your life. That means what you say, do, and believe in must be congruent…Even if it’s not what the other person wants. But it’s what makes you happy.

    On that, I have an article on my blog I think you’ll enjoy.

    Have a powerful day!


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