Getting Back Into The Gym




I do not want to be this guy! I have totally, totally fallen off the horse in terms of working out. I use all the excuses in the world, I’m to busy with work, I’m to busy with my blog, I’m to busy with my job search….. YEAH RIGHT! Great excuses! As I said in a previous post it’s imperative to look after yourself!! If I was to prioritize exercise as much as work or my blog I’d probably look like this:


aaron bod.jpg


But you know what it’s normal to fall off the horse sometimes but I just haven’t got back on it in a while lol!




As you can see I was by no means a body builder but I was very content with my size and overall health.So for all you great people out there (and myself) here are a few tips to get your ass back in the gym:

Set goals ( what are you trying to improve? what’s your goal weight? how much do you want to lift?)

Workout plan

Food log

Prep meals (Bulk cooking)

Drink water (Before and after each meal)

6 meals a day- (Eat little but often)

Start with big exercises (Compound exercises like squats use more muscles thus making you lose weight faster and after your workout)

Always have the tunes! (Have a specific workout playlist and keep it fresh)

Track performance (From start weight, to pictures, to gains)

Take out old clothes- (The scale can trick you so use that old pair of jeans you can’t get into anymore as a measuring tool)

Avoid Alcohol

Bring your gym bag to work and make a point of telling people your going to the gym that day



I’m starting my journey back into the gym this week and I’ll keep you posted with my progress!


– Stay blessed, Workout, Less stress! –

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