Taming the “inner-monkey”

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The “inner monkey”  is a fictitious character that exists within every human being; we don’t have to be too self-aware to recognise it within ourselves.  It is insecure and strives for protection, preservation and comfort. The “inner monkey” when awakened can cause absolute chaos, drama and conflict. It continues to develop and grow throughout our life-span, as it gathers more life experience, information and evidence supporting its own personal view of life. These perceptions  are your own views about your “self” based on the past. These distorted personal views have been gathered creating an identity complete with: personality, strengths, weaknesses, education, interests, personal attributes, life-story. etc

The “inner monkey” believe’s certain situations/issues are threatening based on the past. It wants to control how you approach dealing with these challenging situations, in order to keep you “safe”. The “inner monkey” can tap reservoirs of emotional power in order to swing…

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