Dealing with Disappointment

The feeling of disappointment can be one of the most exhausting emotions we have and can be perpetuated if it’s not dealt with correctly. I applied for a graduate marketing job and was super excited about the telephone interview I had schedule. I’ll admit when I have an interview I don’t always revise the company. I have been interviewing quite frequently and its quite time consuming and annoying when you put your effort in and you don’t get the job. This job however was different it had all the elements on my checklist, career progression, good salary, and so forth so I put my all into revising in attempt to secure the role. I had the telephone interview a few days later and felt it went really well however I received an email the next day saying I was unsuccessful. I was totally devastated and I’m sure many of you can relate! At the moment I feel trapped in terms of work, my bitter disappointment led to me feeling shit all week but in this disappointment I learned a few things.

Sometimes the best way of dealing with disappointment is to be disappointed, let your emotions out!  Im not saying here I sat and cried about it but I was very pissed and felt like I was going to smash something (for a few hours). This isn’t always a bad thing, letting your emotions out helps you to get rid of all that negative energy surrounding you.

Exercise is another great way of releasing your anger I should have went to the gym instead of moping around in bed all day, but at least now I see where I went wrong. Whilst moping in bed I was listening to depressing music with negative lyrics, which just amplified my mood of feeling shit. Music can influence our emotions massively so think about the songs your playing that’s another thing I learned!

Me being in bed all day didn’t really help either, we are social creatures so isolating yourself doesn’t help. I should have called a mate or a family member to talk about it, a problem shared is a problem halved. It’s always good to seek advice from others because your view of the problem is clouded by your mood. Once you have had that convo with somebody its good to sit back and think about the bigger picture and gain perspective. In my case I was unsuccessful in getting a job I wanted, hardly life threatening. Sometimes its good to flip your problems and be grateful that you even have them. In my case I should be grateful that they were interested in me and that I have a first class degree a lot of people don’t even have the chance to go to Primary school let alone University.

But for me personally this blog is more than a blog its therapy! Writing about problems allows you to think about them more clearly. Some people write about their problems and rip the paper up but me personally I like writing about it and reading what I wrote a few days later, which allows me to reflect and see how I came through it.

All in all I think that the main reason for me feeling so disappointed was the fact that I put my all in. Thinking about it now it should never be a reason for disappointment. Unconsciously I wasn’t trying enough so at least if things didn’t go my way I could at least say fuck it I didn’t try anyways which is extremely petty. Now I feel proud that I tried my best even though I “failed” I gave it a bloody good go! As one door closes another one opens always remember that!



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