The McGregor Mindset

We all find ourselves in frustrating situations from time to time however it acts as a reminder that things need to change. A few days ago my mate managed to land a dream job! I was super happy for him as I have seen what it took for him to get there and if anyone deserved it it was him. Him landing the job brought me on to thinking how important it is to find inspiration from others to gain motivation for yourself.

It doesn’t have to be people you actually know either. My brother told me about this big UFC fight McGregor vs Diaz and that Connor McGregor was the best thing since sliced bread. I must admit I’m not really a UFC fan I’m more into boxing myself. Since I was going to watch his fight that night i decided to see what I could find on Youtube. Immediately I saw McGregor’s documentary: Rise to Fame.

After watching it I had to take my hat off to the man what a legend! He went from claiming off the social to being one of the biggest names in UFC in 6 months?!  From watching his documentary you could see how much he believed in himself and it propelled him to stardom.

After watching Diaz almost strangle McGregor to death his post match comment really stuck with me “It is what it is I’ll face it like a man.” Even with a battered face, bruised body and ego he still believed in himself 100%. This unwavering self belief is probably the reason why he is where he is today. The change he has made in his life has been major!

He was not pushed by his problems but led by his dreams and we all should be too!



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